Don’t ruin your hard work - customer experience matters across all brand touch points

Do you enjoy using paper loyalty cards or scanning QR-codes?Probably not! Your customers feel the same and are frustrated by inconvenience. In this blog, discover how digital loyalty can improve your customer experience.

a year ago   •   2 min read

By Emma Mooney

As a small business owner you probably spend a lot of time ensuring you deliver a fantastic customer experience, from your product offering, to your customer service and even to your store atmosphere - so why ruin it with inconvenient paper cards or, worse yet, a clunky digital loyalty system?

We know you want to delight your customers, and you likely often do with great food or courteous staff - otherwise they wouldn’t be your customers - but in today’s age where switching costs are lower than ever you want to make sure you’re offering an excellent experience across all touch points with your brand. This includes your loyalty scheme.

Think back to the last time you used a paper loyalty card or scanned a QR-code loyalty app - was it an enjoyable experience? Based on our research, probably not. You might have forgotten your card, or your phone was slow to open the app and navigate to the QR code and other customers were waiting patiently in the queue behind you.

Why subject your own customers to this same frustrating experience, especially after all of the hard work you put into your offering in other areas?

This is why merchants choose loyalBe for their loyalty scheme - it works by linking to customers' bank cards, so whenever they pay we automatically can reward them with points - what a delight!

The best part? It requires no ePOS integrations or equipment whatsoever.

Not only do you get a frictionless loyalty system, but you also get access to deeper customer insights to help you build closer relationships with your customers - a key driver of loyalty.

This also frees up your staff from stamping cards to focus on real profit generating activities. We haven’t even mentioned other benefits such as reduced overheads, private feedback, rewarding top customers, automatic campaigns and much more.

If this sounds like it would be of interest, please book a demo today and we can show you how loyalBe would work for your business.

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