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To welcome Duggan's Menswear of Kilkenny to the loyalBe app, we asked the team a few questions about Duggan's Menswear and what they are excited for as things gradually reopen in Ireland.

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By Emma Mooney

Duggan’s Menswear is an independent, family-owned retailer of the top brands and highest quality menswear. Established in 1853, Duggan’s Menswear is located on the High Street in Kilkenny, Ireland.

At loyalBe, we are delighted to announce that Duggan’s Menswear has joined the loyalBe app!

With the loyalBe app, when you spend €200 in-store or online with Duggan’s Menswear, you will receive a €20 gift voucher. To earn, simply activate the offer with Duggan’s Menswear in the “Offers” tab and spend with them to receive a gift voucher - easy!

To welcome Duggan’s Menswear to loyalBe, we asked the lovely team a few questions about Duggan’s Menswear and what they are looking forward to as they welcome customers back in-store.

How would you describe Duggan’s Menswear in three words?

“Expertise, Service, Style.”

What has been the biggest change within your business and what are you most looking forward to as things gradually reopen?

“Our new e-commerce site, Duggan’s Menswear, has been live since November 2020 to accommodate online shopping. The website showcases our huge range of suiting and casual wear.

At Duggan’s Menswear, we are looking forward to seeing our loyal customers from Kilkenny and beyond, and welcoming visitors to Kilkenny once again. We are also excited to provide an expert service to wedding parties and guests - we have missed that over the last 16 months.”

Duggan's Menswear offer an in-house tailoring service and a wide range of brands.

Are there any products or services that Duggan's Menswear offers that you would like to highlight?

“We offer an in-house tailoring service and each staff member has a wealth of experience in Menswear retail.

We are located in the centre of Kilkenny with 2500 sq feet of Menswear all on one floor. We are stockists of many Irish labels - Benetti, 6th Sense and Andre - as well as the best European brands - Meyer, Olymp, Giordano, Baileys, and more!

Duggan’s Menswear is also a retailer of uniforms to local primary and secondary schools.”

What would you like to communicate to customers about Duggan's Menswear?

“We adhere to all safety and hygiene protocols. Our opening hours include:

  • Monday to Saturday - 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays - 1.30pm - 5.30pm

We have a huge selection of knitwear, shirts and trousers now 50% off - and new Summer Arrivals are coming every day!

Customers can also find us on the loyalBe app, where they will receive a €20 gift voucher when they spend €200 in-store or online after activating our offer.”

Duggan’s Menswear is a family-owned local retailer, stocking many top brands and the highest quality menswear in Kilkenny. Download the loyalBe app and activate the Duggan’s Menswear offer to start earning rewards with Duggan’s Menswear today.

If you are a business interested in loyalBe, visit our website to find out more and chat to a member of the loyalBe team.

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