loyalBe celebrates the reopening of Northern Ireland businesses with #WelcomeBackNI campaign

Belfast-based FinTech company, loyalBe, celebrates the reopening of Northern Ireland businesses with #WelcomeBackNI campaign, offering their software platform to SMEs at a reduced price to help them drive footfall post-lockdown.

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By Emma Mooney

Excited about restrictions easing, restaurants and non-essential retail reopening after a difficult year? We are, too!

To celebrate the reopening of Northern Ireland businesses, our team at loyalBe have launched our #WelcomeBackNI campaign to promote local businesses welcoming customers through their doors once again!

Our multi-channel campaign aims to drive local recovery by encouraging businesses and customers - yes, if you are reading this, it includes you too! - to join in and use the hashtag #WelcomeBackNI when posting about local products or services, to bring much needed awareness to local businesses throughout the region.

The #WelcomeBackNI campaign is active on all social media platforms for you to get involved and start sharing your favourite purchases from Northern Irish businesses. The campaign also extends to the loyalBe app, which will reward you for spending with local brands and businesses - so it is time to start shouting about your support!

Photographed: loyalBe Founder, Cormac Quinn, and Jonathan from Arthur's Coffee House & Sandwich Bar, holding signs for loyalBe and #WelcomeBackNI.

With the loyalBe app, you can still visit your favourite local coffee shop or restaurant, and  now you have the opportunity to explore new ones too.

To celebrate local businesses reopening their doors, we are pleased to announce that the following local businesses are now live on the loyalBe app:

Want to get involved and help local businesses? Use the hashtag #WelcomeBackNI on all social media platforms.

Our Founder and CEO, Cormac Quinn, shared his excitement to launch this loyalBe campaign: “Our #WelcomeBackNI campaign aims to bring attention to smaller businesses who need public support. The past year has challenged every business, yet the large retailers have had it easier than our local restaurants and shops. Many of our favourite places have permanently closed, and others are struggling to trade at a reduced capacity. We must continue to highlight local products and services to save our local communities.”

He emphasised the importance of shopping local: “It’s important that we celebrate the reopening of our communities and show our support as Northern Ireland’s restrictions ease, by spending our money where it matters most. Protecting local jobs and supporting local businesses is our main priority at loyalBe.”

Cormac explained: “Customers are rewarded for purchasing from local businesses, and local retailers are attracting the public to spend in their stores or online. The #WelcomeBackNI campaign is having a real impact on everyone who gets involved and we want to drive that message - spend local, save local. Let’s #WelcomeBackNI together!”

Looking to join the campaign, whether you are a business or a customer? Include the #WelcomeBackNI hashtag in all of your social media posts and stories, and follow loyalBe’s socials (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to keep up to date on local businesses in your area and jump on the #WelcomeBackNI bandwagon!

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