The loyalBe app officially launches in Kilkenny

Members of the loyalBe team celebrated the launch of Kilkenny businesses on the loyalBe app by visiting Kilkenny City and speaking with local business owners.

a year ago   •   2 min read

By Emma Mooney

Our team at loyalBe are thrilled to announce that the loyalBe app has officially launched in Kilkenny, in partnership with Champion Green and Visa.

This exciting partnership aims to drive local recovery by encouraging the public to support local businesses within Kilkenny as restrictions lift and businesses gradually reopen.

To celebrate this exciting Kilkenny launch, our loyalBe team travelled to Kilkenny City to encourage the ‘shop local’ message with the public, speak with local business owners and welcome new businesses onto the loyalBe app.

While we were in-store with some of the businesses live on the loyalBe app to deliver the loyalBe marketing packs, we had to snap some photos of the lovely business owners!

With the loyalBe app, you can visit your favourite local businesses and earn rewards when you spend with them.

To celebrate the Kilkenny launch, we are pleased to welcome the following businesses to the loyalBe app:

Store Manager of Kilkenny Design Centre, Sinead Gargan, shared her support of our loyalBe initiative: “It is a fantastic initiative for Kilkenny businesses and has come at an ideal time. It enables businesses to get to know their customers and give something back to those who support them on a regular basis. It’s important to say 'thank you' and reward those who shop local, whether it's dropping by for a morning coffee or choosing a gift for a loved one, we value each and every person who comes through our doors."

Sinead continued: “It is easy to sign up to the app - within minutes we were live and there is no time-consuming management, which is important to our team as we enter what we hope will be a busy season. We are really looking forward to introducing the loyalBe app to our customers and suppliers alike.”

Businesses in Kilkenny that are interested in discovering how loyalBe can help boost profits, are encouraged to visit the loyalBe website to book a free demo and avail of this limited-time offer.

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