The loyalBe app officially launches in Newry

Members of the loyalBe team celebrated the launch of Newry businesses on the loyalBe app by visiting the streets of Newry and speaking with local business owners.

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By Emma Mooney

Our team at loyalBe are thrilled to announce that the loyalBe app has officially launched in Newry!

To celebrate this exciting Newry launch, some members of our loyalBe team visited the streets of Newry to encourage the ‘shop local’ message, speak with local business owners and welcome new businesses onto the loyalBe app.

Of course, we also had to get some lovely photos with our loyalBe signs and to showcase the faces behind each business!

With the loyalBe app, you can visit your favourite local businesses and earn rewards when you spend with them.

Giuseppe Fallone, Director of La Dolce Vita, shared his thoughts on the loyalBe app: “loyalBe is a fantastic app. It does exactly what it’s meant to do; earn rewards every time you spend. The loyalBe app is hassle free for customers and staff members alike!”

To celebrate the Newry launch, we are pleased to welcome the following businesses to the loyalBe app:

Jenny, a member of the loyalBe team who was at the Newry launch, said: "Despite the weather, it was a great day visiting all the local Newry businesses who have recently come onboard the loyalBe platform as part of our #WelcomeBackNI campaign, with plenty of pictures taken and even a friendly competition between businesses on who could create the best welcome video."

She continued: "Speaking with business owners throughout the day, they were all very excited to be set live on the loyalBe platform, encouraging customers to build loyalty to their brand after a difficult year. We will be checking back in with all businesses over the next few months to find out how their business has been positively impacted by loyalBe."

The Newry launch is part of our #WelcomeBackNI campaign, to support Northern Ireland businesses and encourage everyone to join in on the campaign across social media, to promote local products and services throughout the region.

Our Founder and CEO, Cormac Quinn, who is originally from Newry, has been looking forward to this launch. As a champion of supporting local businesses, the Newry entrepreneur said: “It’s important that we celebrate local businesses and show our support by regularly spending in our favourite independent café’s, restaurants and retailers. Supporting local businesses and ensuring that they have the necessary tools they need to thrive in this economy is our main priority at loyalBe - and I am thrilled to announce the launch of the loyalBe app in Newry.”

Cormac continued: “With the loyalBe app, customers are regularly rewarded for spending with local businesses, and, as a result, local retailers are attracting the public to spend in their stores or online. At loyalBe, we really want to drive the 'support local' message as it is so important. Spend local, save local - it helps!"

Are you a Newry business owner, wondering what all the fuss is about? Visit the loyalBe website to speak to a member of our team and find out how digital loyalty can positively impact your business!

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