Working from home - our tips for staying connected, motivated and onboarding new hires remotely

Working remotely can be challenging, so it is important to create a supportive and interactive online environment for all employees. Our team shares their top tips for staying connected and motivated when working from home, and best practices when onboarding new hires remotely.

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By Emma Mooney

Working remotely can be challenging at times, and I think we can all agree that it does not always equate to plain sailing. The all too familiar connection failures and the apologetic words - “Sorry, I can’t hear you”, or “I can’t see anything!” - can be frustrating. However, there have been some positives with time gained back from the typical long commute, and in some cases, a rise in productivity.

Although working remotely requires time to adjust, loyalBe is determined to create a supportive and interactive online office environment from the space of our own homes.

Outlined below, our team shares their top tips for staying connected and motivated when working from home, and best practices when onboarding new hires remotely.

Tips on staying connected:

  • Encourage regular breaks outside;
  • Daily stand-up meetings to discuss tasks and blockers;
  • Virtual team socials (Among Us is a team favourite);
  • Weekly reviews of each other’s work;
  • Live collaboration via Google documents;
  • Slack channels for specific topics or just random chats!

Tips on staying motivated:

  • “Our morning stand-up helps. I also listen to Spotify and have the TV on in the background while working!” - Emma
  • “Coffee, walks and stretches away from my desk.” - Jenny
  • “To-do lists and pomodoro timers! Having a 25 minute timer helps to break down your work into shorter intervals.” - Saoirse
  • “My diary! I write my tasks in my diary every morning and tick things off as I go, anything not ticked off goes into the next day. Also Spotify!” - Louise

Staying connected and productive is important, particularly when onboarding and training new hires within your company, as it can be a confusing process to navigate. At loyalBe, many of our team members have joined remotely and some of us have still not met face-to-face - virtual calls have been the height of our socialising! Our most recent hires - Louise, Emma and Jenny - share their thoughts...

Tips for onboarding new hires remotely:

  • “Starting a new job in 2020, the year that replaced handshakes with Zoom meetings, was an exciting but daunting prospect for me. My tip would be to reach out to your new colleagues and build those relationships straight away as you normally would in any work environment. Daily video calls and everyday conversations about our pets and weekend plans (or lack thereof during lockdown!) really help to bring us together and create ‘team spirit’. If you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself that starting a job remotely in a pandemic is not a normal experience. Everyone has had to adapt in some way and it’s only temporary until we can return to a more sociable, ‘normal’ way of working.” - Louise
  • “It can be intimidating starting any new job, and the same goes for remote working. I believe that meeting the team and getting involved as soon as possible, by jumping on regular video calls with informal conversations, have helped the most. Valuing each other’s opinions and encouraging each other to participate in discussions of areas that may not even be your expertise has been a lovely way for us all to connect at loyalBe.” - Emma
  • “From my interview, to my job training, every part of my loyalBe journey to date has been remote, and although this is not how you envisage a new job, it hasn’t tainted my experience at all. From Day 1, everyone has been so friendly and I am so glad that despite being new, the open culture and encouragement of direct feedback by everyone has helped all of us in our tasks, and nobody is afraid to speak out. The virtual experience of the job has been enjoyable, and has made me excited for the return of in-person business, and should provide positivity and encouragement to anybody who is about to start remote working!”- Jenny

It is clear that working from home is the new norm, and will be an established feature of modern business going forward. To remain connected and help bring teams together during lockdown, team activities are important. Our team at loyalBe have organised after-work games of Among Us, team quizzes and a pizza night, to virtually hang-out as a group and get to know each other better.

We hope our tips have helped your business brainstorm new ideas to motivate your team and introduce new hires effectively!

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